Encyclopaedia Metallum (Grey Sabbath): Debut Album Review (Historical)

An odd one, we stumbled upon this review when we were made aware of Born Of Ire’s entry into the Encyclopaedia Metallum. We don’t know who Grey Sabbath is, but we thoroughly enjoyed reading his/her detailed review. He certainly “get’s it”…

Can be read here. Scoring 95%.

Our favourite quotes:

“By both underground and first album standards, this album is a bonafide thrashterpiece. This album is so meticulously put together, like the band really busted their asses to prove themselves to the world that they care about their craft”

“The songwriting is masterful in execution, being very high and grandiose in nature while holding true the aggression and furious virtuosity of thrash metal.”

“vocalist’s melodically guttural style shining with influence from God-himself Hansi Kursch with a dash of James Hetfield’s signature swagger…”